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Drivers and Transportation Analytics (DaTA) lab at ITRE provides innovative, cost-effetive and emerging services in the transportation domain. The scope of the services provided by ITRE DaTA lab ranges from storing and mining big-data to enhancing and offering simulations.

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  • NCDOT 2017-14 Project:

    The NCDOT 2017-14 Project entitled 'Video Collection of Traffic Violations for Public Education and Regulatory Changes' has initially served as a proof of concept and can provide legislators, law enforcement, and the NCDOT with actual footage of dangerous events at known problem areas across Raleigh, North Carolina.

    Significance of Project

    This project has provided the NCDOT Traffic Safety Unit with a searchable database that contains videos of an array of traffic violations and traffic safety issues that are prevalent and need addressing. The videos recorded for this study could be effective in training law enforcement and the general public, changing existing laws, and providing transportation engineers with examples of problems that may exist in areas like current signal timing strategies or highway design.


    The Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) at North Carolina State University provides different analytical and IT support for any transportation related issues in the world. The Driver and Transportation Analytics (DaTA) Lab at ITRE stores and manages a number of big-data databases and provides online and offline support for its user community.

    For any inquiries please contact Behzad Aghdashi.

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